Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Big Thanks to Mac

We had something truly wonderful happen. Mac McDermott made a gift of a laptop computer to Bowling 4 The Cure. It will be dedicated solely to the work of our small but mighty organization, and we can't thank Mac enough for his thoughtfulness. The computer also arrives at a highly critical time of the year for B4TC, as we are getting ready for our annual bowl-a-thon in October, on Sunday the 4th.

So, Mac -- thanks.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Breast Cancer Is Everybody's Enemy

When you say the words "breast cancer," most people think of mature women. However, breast cancer can strike the very young, too. Recently, we read a the courageous tale of a 10-year old girl who found a lump in her still undeveloped breast, and was wise enough to tell her mother. The lump proved to be cancerous, and this little girl is currently undergoing treatment. Men can be stricken, too. And it is even a plague in the animal kingdom, and can bring misery to much loved pets.

We are all staring into the face of a common enemy. Although women are far more likely to encounter breast cancer (current figures list the number as 1 in 8), nobody is safe from its touch.

Let's continue the fight together. When cancer loses, we will all win.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Margarita Party a Big Success for B4TC

Last Friday night, a margarita party was held at the home of Danny and Julie Jacobson to raise money for Bowling 4 The Cure (B4TC). The Jacobsons hosted the event, which was supported by the efforts of numerous volunteers and helping hands. By the end of the evening, $1,050 had been raised to add to the on-going efforts of B4TC to accumulate donations to give towards cancer research.

We thank Danny and Julie, and all the folks who supported the party by buying tickets, making donations, attending, and having a great time.

Also in the plans for this year are for an autumn Twilight Tea. We will keep you supplied with details as they develop.

If you'd like to do something to boost the efforts of B4TC, we would be happy to give you help with publicizing your event. Yard sales, car washes -- whatever you believe will help people "think pink" -- are all worthy events for a worthy cause.

Peggy Bowers: Pretty in Pink

It's no secret that pink was never Peggy Bowers' favorite color. As a red-head, she just never wore it. However, pink has become her war colors, and she's waging a battle against an enemy that she considers to be as evil a foe as exists anywhere.

Recently, she read of a 10-year old girl who had been diagnosed with a rare form of juvenile breast cancer. Peggy said, "That's when I cried I was so mad."

Peggy will now wear anything pink. "Do I like the color? Not really. Do I believe in the fight that the pink ribbon symbolizes? You had better believe it."