Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Breast Cancer Is Everybody's Enemy

When you say the words "breast cancer," most people think of mature women. However, breast cancer can strike the very young, too. Recently, we read a the courageous tale of a 10-year old girl who found a lump in her still undeveloped breast, and was wise enough to tell her mother. The lump proved to be cancerous, and this little girl is currently undergoing treatment. Men can be stricken, too. And it is even a plague in the animal kingdom, and can bring misery to much loved pets.

We are all staring into the face of a common enemy. Although women are far more likely to encounter breast cancer (current figures list the number as 1 in 8), nobody is safe from its touch.

Let's continue the fight together. When cancer loses, we will all win.

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