Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Where Does the Money Go?

We were asked recently by a potential donor to explain how we distribute the money that we collect for Bowling 4 the Cure.

Here is a quick rundown:

At the annual Bowl-a-thon, we charge $20.00 for each person to bowl. Out of each $20.00 we pay $4.50 to Lakeview Lanes for the use of the lanes and the services they provide.

We hold raffles, silent auction and sell decorated bowling pins to help raise money for breast cancer research. All of this money goes to the endowment fund that matches us dollar for dollar.

We do get donations that also go to research unless we are told it can be use as needed. If we are told it can be used as needed, we may use a portion towards operating expenses. If we don't have anything pressing at the time such an undirected donation arrives, it is also put towards breast cancer research.

Occasionally, we hold small events to raise money for incidental expenses (paper, printing, signage, etc.). These events vary in size, and provide most of the "slush fund" that we use for our modest expenses.

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